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Every year millions of pets are separated from their families, in fact 1 in 3 will go missing in their lifetime.  Unfortunately, without proper identification 90% of pets will never be recovered.  Microchipping your dog or cat ensures you’re linked to them for their lifetime.

Help us find lost pets with Home Again Pet Rescuers.

Microchip Facts

– Microchips do not require surgery

– Microchipping is a simple procedure we can perform on any visit

– Microchips cannot be removed and do not wear out

– Microchips are now required in Springdale & Fayetteville on all pets 6 months or older

We can microchip your dog or cat at any age, though we do recommend it as puppies and kittens.  Learn more about Home Again Microchips and more about why we feel microchipping is so important.

You’re pet is already microchipped?  Look it up with this free tool.